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Financial Services

Baobab is a financial services group with operations in seven countries on the African continent and one province of China.

Via its subsidiaries, Baobab provides financial services to half a million micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses, fulfilling its mission of broadening access to finance among those underserved by traditional banks.


Need for strong data governance and easy data accessibility across operations

Baobab Group embarked on an enterprise-wide digital transformation journey, starting with a complete redesign of their data platform with Google Cloud products. Their former business intelligence tool, had turned obsolete, leaving a legacy of fixed dashboards and poor access controls. To keep scaling, Baobab required a solution that would ensure data accessibility and strong governance.


Collaborative, integrated and accessible data analytics system with Looker

To empower subsidiary stakeholders with a more collaborative data governance framework, we optimized the processes using Looker: data groups and smart scheduling for data sharing, persistent derived tables and advanced caching for query performance and actualization, user-friendly visualizations for reporting. With Looker, even non-technical users can execute full spectrum self-service analytics.

Baobab took advantage of Looker’s modeling capabilities to strike a perfect balance between timeliness and accuracy. Teams can now easily access data, run ad-hoc queries and drill down to row-level detail to perform self service analytics. With over 60 dashboards built and 200 active users, Baobab expects to convert 70% of their users in African subsidiaries to Looker by the end of the year.



A powerful BI system with user friendly interface & strong data governance

The Spaulding Ridge data team helped Baobab Group build-out a scalable analytics platform with powerful dashboarding, data modelling, monitoring and extraction capabilities. We led Looker training and enablement sessions for business users and data analysts.


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