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Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Moment is a leader in world class phone camera lenses and mobile phone accessories. Moment has quickly expanded and focuses on four core areas: Products, App, Content, and Travel.


Outdated Data Capabilities That Cannot Scale with Business Growth

Moment’s data collection tool became outdated and ineffective with the business’ continued growth. Because of this, manual processes and tedious tasks became the norm, becoming harder to scale with the business’ rapid expansion. Needing to find a solution, they turned to Data Clymer, a Spaulding Ridge company, for help.


Integrated and Efficient Tools That Adapt to Business Needs

After connecting with the Moment team, we recommended Moment separate data integration and business intelligence into two products: Panoply and Looker.

Built on the Amazon cloud infrastructure, Panoply served as a secure, scalable, and affordable data warehouse. It also served as a data pipeline, automating ingestion from multiple data sources with built-in connectors and creating clear, configurable, and immediately queryable tables.

Looker served as an intuitive self-service data analysis and business intelligence platform that integrated seamlessly with Panoply. With tools, Moment was able to centralize and democratize data so that users across the business could access and analyze trusted, consistent data.

Anyone at Moment who works with data can easily go into the data explorer and access the information they need–without the help of a data scientist. Using pre-built connectors to integrate with more data sources gives stakeholders a more complete view of the company and customers. The Google Sheets connector alone has drastically reduced the number of file uploads the data team needs to do, enhancing productivity and ensuring that users are getting fresh data faster. This direct access brings information closer to the business problem and the problem solvers.


Data Accuracy and Accessibility Drive Operational Efficiency

Following the implementation of Looker and Panoply, Moment saw positive changes immediately. Some included:

  • Dedicated, high performing solutions for data integration and business intelligence.
  • Increased speed, scale, and affordability with a fully cloud-based solution.
  • Better access to data for users across the business
  • Increased productivity for faster time to value.
  • Improved insight into the customer journey

David Hahn, Technical Lead at Moment, puts it in this way, “For anyone looking to explore a new data stack, Panoply and Looker is a very intuitive platform and the added insight into the modeling layer and data warehouse is very helpful to move quickly in exploring new data sets across your customer’s journey.”

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