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Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is a global company with a commitment to sustainability and a complete ecosystem of channels and partners. Founded in Barcelona, the company has five lines (Woman, Man, Kids, Teen and Home) and is present in over 115 markets with close to 2,700 stores and online presence.


Manual Data Management for Marketing Campaign Analysis

As a global brand, Mango needed a coherent process to budget and assess their marketing campaigns across more than 70 countries. The Performance Marketing department would manually download data from multiple platforms to consolidate their monthly reports for Management and monitor the day-to-day success of their online channels.


Centralized Reporting for Greater Efficiency

The challenge for Spaulding Ridge was to automate this reporting process and centralize the complex business logic underlying Mango’s campaigns. Spaulding Ridge implemented a full data stack composed of data ingestion, transformation, and BI tools, using Funnel (S3 and Databricks), Snowflake, dbt, and Looker. Our solution provides a service for automated data ingestion that the Marketing department could own. In addition, the complex transformations are handled by dbt and Looker, allowing for a more agile and effective delivery of requested KPIs.


Decreases in Third Party Costs and Increased Automation Provides a Streamlined New Normal

Mango can now carry out their business-critical budget process and data analysis in a precise and time-saving manner. The monthly reporting that would take up to a week to complete can now be generated in a matter of minutes. The solution not only gives the IT Department more bandwidth to prioritize needs, but also provides the final users with their desired flexibility and access to the most granular level detail.

The Marketing Department can use this solution to combine and assess data coming from all key sources including Google Analytics, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, and others. They no longer rely on Excel to centralize information and generate complex predictions. The budget process is more secure and accurate, and all marketing data is automatically delivered to the company-wide data lake, allowing other stakeholders access to the information.

“[Spaulding Ridge] really helped us make the right decisions on critical matters, and the level of implementation and commitment with the project has been outstanding. Above all, this made the implementation a much smoother process.”

– Diego Lorenzo, Digital Business Analyst, Mango

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