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Revalize is the premier idea-to-cash solution on a journey to reshape the future of manufacturing – powering greater outcomes for businesses who design, model, develop and sell, with a portfolio of industry-leading CAD, PLM, and CPQ solutions. Founded in 2021 following the acquisition of several leading software companies, the company has 300+ employees nationwide and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.


Data Capabilities are Splintered Across the Business, Increasing Wasted Time

Revalize’s sales data was splintered across the business after a merger & acquisition (M&A) process. This created siloed workflow processes with multiple configurations, leading to confusion, large quantities of consolidated Excel spreadsheets, inaccurate data, and duplicated tasks. Revalize saw the decline in customer interactions hurting their revenue and positive customer experiences. With internal teams not aligned to the company’s overall data structure, sales teams struggled to deliver consistent deals.

Revalize knew they needed to get back to their customers, and they came to Spaulding Ridge to help build a solution.


Aligning the Business Through a Modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform

After connecting with Revalize, we decided to simplify their multiple configurations within Salesforce to work for the added capabilities and processes of their EMEA acquisitions, supporting the organization’s global initiatives.

Revalize aimed to standardize the new capabilities they gained through acquisitions, reducing confusion and streamlining workflows. We recommended their team utilize one platform, Salesforce, to house all their new capabilities in one centralized location, reducing confusion. We began taking all requirements from Revalize and their acquisitions, organizing them by priority of the business, into one coherent process within Salesforce. Our goal was to take the existing organizational structure of Revalize and simplify it, enabling out-of-the-box solutions for the entire business and simplifying future mergers & acquisitions. We stayed as close to the original tool as possible to maintain scale and simplify easier adaptation for Revalize’s employees. The simpler processes improved data quality, leading to more accuracy and ease of use for the business.

Adaptability to changes in market conditions was crucial to navigate mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Spaulding Ridge’s implementation allowed Revalize to quickly onboard new products and services through M&As, along with onboarding current and new employees to quickly drive more sales.

With enhanced Salesforce reporting, customers on the verge of deleting their subscriptions were visible in real-time. We worked with Revalize’s Customer Success team to educate them on the new process, along with creating a plan to decrease unsubscribe risks.

Finally, we provided our managed services capabilities, managing Revalize’s Salesforce platform and enabling their team members to prioritize their customers. We implemented a “disciplined delivery” process, where we seamlessly transitioned from implementing Salesforce to managing the platform. We immediately began stabilizing the business environment, cleaning up tech debt, and becoming an extension of the business’ team. Managed services allowed the business to maintain efficient velocity, hitting quotas faster.


Operational Efficiency for Departments, Leading to New Business

After the implementation, Revalize immediately saw positive progress. Our implementation eliminated 6 different CRMs from acquired businesses to bring them into one centralized CRM. With one CRM, Revalize can enhance data visibility from their ERP, project management tools, and marketing sources. This more powerful CRM, enhanced reporting, automation, and forecasting capabilities have helped Revalize acquire two new businesses. Check out our webinar with Revalize as well!

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