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This global staffing and talent solutions company specializes in workforce management, recruitment, and workforce consulting services.

It employs almost 20,000 people and has an annual revenue of over $12B. 



Need for Flexible Contract Automation Solution

This global corporation is comprised of many different operating companies that were all utilizing different processes and types of contract paper. They came to Spaulding Ridge needing a more dynamic system that could be used across the various sectors of the business, but also be flexible enough to consider the different needs of each unique environment – all while offering greater automation, standardization, consistency, and efficiency for users.  


Scalable DocuSign CLM Implementation for Global Contracting Efficiency 

Spaulding Ridge designed a scalable global solution that allows for efficient document creation of multiple types and document routing based on type and task group. It also provides automation and customization of document information, easing up manual and lengthy workflows, all with the scalability to grow and expand to other groups and companies within the organization


A Standardized Global Contracting System

The implementation created a structure for a more automated and consistent global system through templatization, Document Generation, Workflow, and eSignature for customer-facing documents of the company’s staffing services capabilities. It also provided automated contract generation of MSAs & NDA documents and streamlined agreement flow, addendum functionality and a centralized repository. Contracts teams can now easily generate documents, upload them, and utilize a streamlined workflow for faster, easier, and more accurate contracting processes. Lastly, the instance captures metadata for reporting standardization. 

Future Rollouts:

Increased Control & Visibility During Negotiations

An integration between CLM and Salesforce in the near future will enable sales users to initiate contract documents directly from the account or opportunity for increased control and visibility of negotiations and contract status. This integration will also result in further downstream data flows via middleware to the company’s ERP system for project creation and billing. 


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