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This sports equipment manufacturing company creates footwear, sportswear, and casual apparel.

As a globally operating company, they employ more than 16 thousand employees and generate an estimated annual revenue of 5.3 billion dollars.


Navigating Disparate Data Sources and Poor User Experiences

Internal and external feedback from evaluating their current financial planning tool (IBPF) concluded that they needed a new tool to optimize insights between their finance and operations teams.

The company wanted a tool to connect disparate data sources and master data. They required a tool that had enhanced planning capabilities, deeper analysis, additional data sources, improved reporting, and a better user experience.


Streamlining Revenue, COGS & Expense Planning with Analytics & Data Integrations

Spaulding Ridge implemented a multifaceted solution using Anaplan to help the company complete revenue and COGS planning, CapEx and OpEx expense planning, reporting, analytics, and data integrations.

Looking towards the next phases, Spaulding Ridge plans to implement a balance sheet, statements on cash flows, and RFI supply chain.


Unlocking Advanced Financial Planning: Forecasting, Variance & Comparison Reporting, KPI Overrides & Impact Calculations and Top-Down/Bottom-Up Planning

This company can now forecast capital project expenditures by business unit and project. They can enable variance and comparison reporting for revenue, and expense workforce, OpEx, and CapEx planning workflows.

They can also override a forecast recommendation for KPIs and calculate the resultant impact on associated KPIs.

Lastly, they can now perform top-down or bottom-up planning by channel, region, cost center, and/or general ledger account.

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