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This global retail coffee company is an industry leader in the specialty coffee sector.

They have partnered with Spaulding Ridge since 2021 to improve their financial processes.


Manual and Inefficient Excel Systems for CFO Office

The office of the CFO struggled with an inefficient, cumbersome, and largely manual financial planning process in Excel.

This created a lot of extra work and stress for the finance team, and they realized they needed a change.


Streamlining Financial Planning with Cost Center and Obligation Planning Solutions

Spaulding Ridge came in knowing they needed to build, test, and deploy a cost center and obligation planning solution. This tool needed to be able to capture obligations, both financial and non-financial, as well as aid in effective financial decision making.

Spaulding Ridge planned to reduce manual effort and increase decision-making accuracy to address misinformed leadership decisions.



Spaulding Ridge Drives Efficiency for Global Retail Coffee Company: Real-Time Reporting, Automated Updates, and More

With the help of Spaulding Ridge, the company has significantly decreased turnaround time needed to complete all forecasts, automated updates for business planning structures and data sources, and extended the planning horizon from 12 to 24 months with no extra effort.

Primary reports are now automated and tracked by leadership in real time and are integrated with their ERP system. The global coffee retailer now utilizes a fully integrated expense planning and obligation system across two business groups and over 20 users.

With the help of Spaulding Ridge, the company has real time reporting, automated updates, and plenty of time saved. They plan to expand this solution organization-wide over the next few quarters.

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