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grocery store

A multinational food company renowned for its portfolio of popular snack brands, including chocolate, cookies, and biscuits.

The organization sells its products in convenience stores, supermarkets, and vending machines worldwide. They employ over 90,000 people and have an annual revenue of over $34B. 


Fragmented, Global Operating Systems

Spaulding Ridge was tasked with replacing their existing, decentralized contract repository system with one that could handle the size and diversity of their organization‘s needs. Operating independently in approximately 20 countries, they needed to address diverse languages, customs, and processes, emphasizing the need to integrate these aspects into their contracting process for better workflows and visibility.  


Expansive, Global Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Solution 

The global solution included regional rollouts that incorporated over 130 templates in multiple languages. Spaulding Ridge also conducted a detailed discovery and design process for the adoption of buy-side processes, including migrating 50,000 legacy documents and integrating Buyer Central for the procurement teams 


Successful User Adoption, Greater Transparency, and Streamlined Agreements

As a result, the company achieved an impressive 80% user adoption of CLM+ globally within a year, leading to increased transparency in contractual commitments and a more streamlined agreement process. Additionally, they successfully migrated over 50,000 legacy documents in just six months.


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