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This Arizona-based global technology company focuses on B2B and information technology capabilities for enterprises. It employs 11,000 people and has an annual revenue of $8.39B. 


Need for Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) Solution

This company required an incentive compensation solution that could manage 15 plan types, even more individual plans, and 1,400 payees. The solution would need to give sellers motivating insights to encourage them to close deals and be able to manage disputes. 


An ICM Solution with Scenario Planning & Dispute Redressal

The company selected Spaulding Ridge and Anaplan to develop the solution. We created an ICM solution that facilitated “what-if” analysis for sellers to understand the compensation impacts of additional sales to various accounts and product groupings, log and manage disputes or inquiries related to compensation payouts and create compensation accrual reports for finance. 


User-friendly, Margin-based Incentive Compensation Processes and Improved Seller Satisfaction

Since the solution went live, the company has seen a major reduction in both effort and errors in the ICM function, an increased understanding among sellers of the company’s new margin-based incentives plan, and more efficient management of disputes and inquiries. 


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