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Preply is an online marketplace for language learning that uses the latest technology to effectively pair 140,000 tutors with millions of students around the world.

They provide language learning in 50 languages to 203 countries worldwide.

About Preply:
  • Industry: e-Learning
  • Company Size: 300 Employees
  • Founding Year: 2012
  • Technology Implemented: Snowflake, Looker, Monte Carlo

Heavy Pain Points While Monitoring KPIs & Sharing Insights

Preply relied on a proprietary experimentation platform that allowed them to easily modify user experience and run tests but monitoring KPIs and sharing insights across the organization were some of their biggest pain points. Tracking data was stored in Redshift, and everyone depended on Data Analysts for access, which led to bottlenecks. To democratize their data and empower the employees to self-explore the main sources, Preply needed a solution like Looker.


Snowflake, Looker, & Montecarlo for Faster Insights

We ultimately landed on using a combination of Clarisights for data ingestion, Snowflake for warehousing, Monte Carlo for data reliability, and Looker as an enterprise-wide BI tool.

Spaulding Ridge conducted a Looker trial, provided users training, technical enablement sessions, and drove adoption to ensure full deployment in a matter of weeks. The Looker platform has allowed Preply to fulfill their self-service analytics objective: users can now perform queries and create dashboards independently, while management tracks KPIs and granular metrics for specific domains without any difficulty. This solid measurement framework allows to spot trends, patterns, or incongruities faster, share insights with anyone inside the organization, and make better-informed decisions.

VP of Data

“Preply is still growing very fast: we have big plans for B2B and expanding operations in our key markets, and we’re becoming a mobile-first company. Looker allows us to measure the impact of our initiatives and maximize business outcome.”

Alessandro Pregnolato | VP of Data, Preply

Looker Maximizes Preply’s Business Outcomes

To meet a rapidly expanding demand for language learning, Preply has doubled their workforce over the past year, introduced group classes, corporate solutions, and subscriptions. The company is constantly working on improving customer experience, and in this context, Looker enables them to measure the impact of such initiatives and maximize business outcome.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Preply saw a 40% increase in traffic across its main markets, with the number of active learners and tutors, and overall revenues multiplied by four between 2020-2021. Millions of people have used lockdown time to improve on their language skills, and despite there being many learning apps to choose from, Preply stood out thanks to their technology.

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