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This strategic workforce management firm is among the top five companies of its kind globally.

The company employs nearly 20,000 people and boasts $13B in annual revenue.


Siloed Contract Types and Processes Across Operational Units

The company’s operational companies all utilize different processes and contract types, and they required a solution that helped provide clarity and consistency across the business. The contracting solution needed to be able to streamline workflows across the company, generate addendums, generate and manage metadata, and respond to individual operational companies’ needs. This need was part of a broader digital transformation effort at the company, requiring the solution to be delivered in conjunction with a broader set of needs. 


Streamlined DocuSign CLM Implementation for Enhanced Contracting Efficiency 

Spaulding Ridge managed a multi-step major DocuSign implementation for the company. We began delivering an MVP, in which we developed a solution for a single operational company to demonstrate DocuSign CLM. The solution provided standard contract generation, eSign and wet signature capabilities, dynamic agreement workflows, and metadata reporting. 

In the first release of our solution, we enhanced the workflow and document generation, allowed users to generate NDAs and addendums, and used metadata to enhance routing and reporting capabilities.  

The second release allowed the solution to be scaled for all operational companies; allowed users to generate SOWs, addendums, change orders, and rate letters; provided deeper insights into contracting; and enhanced routing functionality for greater ease of use. 


Standardized, Automated Contract Management Across the Organization 

As a result of our work, all the operating units of the organization had an automated and consistent global system for contracting, templatization, document generation, workflow, and eSignature. In addition, all employees within all operational companies can generate any contract type needed utilizing a streamlined workflow. The company also benefits from reporting on metadata. 


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