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This large delivery and packaging service company is an American multinational shipping, receiving, and supply chain management company.

Handling the shipping and receiving of millions of packages, they create a globally know fast, efficient system.


Replace Decades Old Homegrown Software and Unlock Flexible Integrations

The company’s pain points called for a flexible solution that would integrate with Salesforce and DocuSign. This solution would replace their decades old homegrown software.

Additionally, the company needed Anaplan to integrate with dozens of upstream and downstream processes, as well as provide sales resources and management with access and visibility into incentive compensation plans and results.


Single Unified Environment: Integrating Cloud Systems to Provide Worldwide Access to Compensation Plans

Spaulding Ridge built a single environment for territory, quota, and sales incentive compensation management on a worldwide scale. We supported multiple versions of alignment hierarchies, as well as resource hierarchies, for reporting.

The Spaulding Ridge team integrated Salesforce and DocuSign to provide access to compensation plans and created an SPM data source. This data source involved more than 12 upstream and downstream systems and supported the data and reporting needs through existing interfaces.

Finally, Spaulding Ridge improved the company’s internal controls, efficiencies, and processes, as well as mitigating system and process risks due to the size of this implementation.


Maximizing Efficiency, Reducing Compensation Errors and Disputes: The Largest SPM Deployment

This was the largest sales performance management deployment in Anaplan history and showed impressive results. The company now has faster planning cycles, along with a major reduction in compensation errors, leading to fewer disputes.


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