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Grup Ametller Origen is a vertically integrated food & beverages distributor with a mission to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, facilitating access to nutritious, pleasant, and clean food.


Multiple Distributed Systems Slowing Down Business Intelligence

Ametller relied on multiple distributed systems for business intelligence regarding retail, logistics, marketing, and financial data. While Ametller’s in-house data team could support its existing systems, as the company grew, the large number of individual solutions required more and more hands-on support to deliver the same level of detail, hurting growth. Ametller recognized that a single source of truth across the company would allow them to streamline their business analytics process and make better decisions faster.


New Architecture for Faster Answers

Spaulding Ridge worked with Ametller to develop the right architecture for the solution and helped to evaluate tools for integration and modeling SAP data. We then designed a solution that used a data lake in conjunction with business intelligence capabilities and built a data core model that each department could use. As part of the rollout of the new process, we trained “power users” to build specific metrics while still accessing the global KPIs defined by the central team, accelerating the adoption of the new system.


Efficient, Accurate Insights into Business Performance

After centralizing BI, Ametller’s data team now can provide governed KPIs while maintaining greater control over data access for departments such as Retail, Logistics, Marketing, and Finance. Automated reports have significantly improved the efficiency of stores and warehouses. Data caching and table scan optimization features also allow Ametller better control over their analytics platform costs.

“During the months of the project, Spaulding Ridge became an integral part of the team and greatly contributed to our goal achievement and the enhancement of our data management strategy execution.”

– Daniel Salvat, IT Director, Grup Ametller Origen

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