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This client is a leading multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to institutional buyers across North America and the United Kingdom. One of the largest companies in the United States, this company earns more than $20B in revenue per year. 

Study 1

Fragmented Sales Performance Management Processes

The company manages a robust sales organization comprising thousands of field and inside sales roles, but struggled with setting meaningful, motivating sales goals and making effective sales plans. Various point solutions and Excel were causing the company to spend valuable time goal setting and on sales operations. 


Sales Performance Managment Solution Implementation, Moving Away from Excel Spreadsheets

Spaulding Ridge was engaged to implement a sales performance management solution and reduce manual processes by moving Excel spreadsheets into Anaplan. 


Reduced Manual Processes, Enhanced Efficiency with a Centralized Sales Planning System

As a result of this solution, the company saved countless hours and mitigated risk by having sales planning live in a centrally managed system. Leveraging predictive insights, the company is now able to identify high propensity to buy. In addition, the company has been able to manage this process effectively through its center of excellence.  


Study 2

Need for Agile Marketing Planning with What-if Scenario Analysis

The company manages over $1B in co-op marketing funding from its vendor partners. However, its marketing planning process was slow and did not allow it to optimize its spending across each vendor partner quickly. The company wanted to be able to plan different spending scenarios across marketing channels for each partner to better inform the type of ad inventory it needed to provide to optimize results 


Optimized Budget Allocation, Spend Visibility, and Performance

Spaulding Ridge configured an Anaplan solution that supported co-op budgets for each vendor, planning of marketing spend allocations by channel for each vendor, and allocation of advertising units to each vendor. The solution is directly integrated into their marketing automation platform such that planning decisions and advertising units can immediately be executed on. 


Enhanced Planning Efficiency and Improved Vendor Relations

The solution reduced planning time from weeks to days, reduced unclaimed ad units, and improved vendor satisfaction with more optimized marketing strategies for their co-op spend. 


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