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This hedge fund and financial services firm is a leading global market maker for various fixed income and equity products.

The are headquartered in Miami, Florida with over $50B in assets under management.


Fragmented, At-risk Compensation Planning

The company managed their organization’s talent review, compensation, planning & analysis between spreadsheets and various internal systems, with no singular source of truth for any given planning cycle. However, planning in large, unsecured workbooks resulted in concerns around data integrity, version control, and security. Performing inputs within these planning spreadsheets also became a pain point as the company’s operations scaled, and workbooks did not provide visibility into where approvals stood in the workflow process for compensation, causing confusion.


A Robust Compensation Planning Solution with Anaplan

The company tasked Anaplan and Spaulding Ridge to support several internal planning functions and help facilitate a more robust means of comparing new plans to historical data. The solution we developed allows the company’s executive team to execute quickly and effectively during fast-paced planning cycles intra-year and beyond.


Connected, Secure, Centralized Processes

As a result of our solution, the company was able to speed up inputting information into the planning process and receiving approvals for plans, increase the pace of iteration during planning cycles, and establish a single, connected source of truth.

Key Results Achieved:

  1. Real-time insight into all compensation plan elements
  2. Easy visualization of metrics and tracking of historical data
  3. Centralized, secure, shared source of data with well-defined workflows and approvals
  4. Standardized, benchmarked plans across the organization
  5. Optimized compensation plans with scenario planning


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