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Scattered Data Across the Business Brings Uncertainty

The business’s data reporting was scattered across its internal platforms, causing complexities in business performance feedback. They could not develop tailored dashboards, models, and forecasts. To scale with industry demand, they turned to Spaulding Ridge to assist.


A Modern Data Technology Stack Tailored to The Business

After reviewing the company’s current processes and data architecture, we recommended a modern data stack consisting of Tableau, Snowflake, and dbt.

We implemented Snowflake as the business data warehouse, housing data in one centralized location and creating a source of truth. We utilized dbt for the data engineering process, which allowed us to model data according to business specifications. The modeled data then fed into Tableau, generating custom reports.

After reviewing and adjusting the stack, we met with the organization’s team on the deployment process between pre-production and production environments to accurately prepare for the data stack’s capabilities.


55 Hours a Month of Time Savings from Managed Services

The shift was felt immediately, with higher staff utilization and smoother feedback from product surveys. In addition to the company’s investment in our Managed Services, the business saved 55 hours a month on backend work with the platform. Also, we took over 5 other data sources to migrate to the new data tech stack, enhancing accuracy in data reporting further.

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