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NuBank is the largest Fintech company in South America and is best known for its fully-mobile digital bank and credit card.​ Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, NuBank earns $10B in annual revenue.


Need for Simplified & Coherent Cohort Modeling System

Over the past six years, NuBank has experienced tremendous growth in the Brazilian market and is embarking on a journey to further extend that growth. Scenarios and versions were managed in large workbooks and the company struggled with data integrity and maintaining a single, consistent version of the truth. NuBank was using complex Excel spreadsheets to model cohort valuations at all intersections of the portfolio.


Spaulding Ridge + Anaplan for Managing Cohort Valuations

NuBank selected Anaplan to manage cohort modeling and help facilitate and provide governance on previously created forecasts and chose Spaulding Ridge to manage the implementation.

The solution we delivered allows NuBank’s executive team to continually track actuals versus prior assumptions and refine the levers accordingly.


Streamlined Analysis & Reporting for Informed Decision Making

Our solution provided NuBank’s executive leadership team with reporting at multiple levels of granularity, continuous tracking of actuals versus prior assumptions, and scenario analysis to help inform strategic decisions.


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