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A10 Networks’ Digital Transformation Journey + Spaulding Ridge

A10 Networks’ Transformation Journey from ADC Hardware to Security Software

A10 Networks is a company that produces application delivery controllers that optimize the performance and security of web applications. The company was founded in 2004 and has continually adapted to changes in the technology security space. Under new leadership in 2020, the company underwent a transformation to become a security solutions company, experiencing above-average growth in the market.


Need for an automated SIP Solution

Given a rapid change in its product portfolio, A10 Networks faced several challenges in managing its sales operations. The company’s sales incentives plan (SIP) was difficult to administer and communicate to the sales team. Commission calculations and statements were done manually using Excel spreadsheets, which were prone to errors and delays.

The sales team lacked visibility and transparency into their commissions and performance, which affected their motivation and trust. The sales operations team also struggled to keep up with the increasing volume and complexity of data and requests from the sales team, finance team, and management.


Spaulding Ridge + Anaplan for Sales Operation optimization

To address these challenges, A10 Networks partnered with Spaulding Ridge and Anaplan. Spaulding Ridge helped A10 Networks implement a cloud-based solution to automate and streamline its commission calculations and statements, as well as provide real-time visibility and transparency to the sales team.

This solution also allowed A10 Networks to model different scenarios and outcomes for its sales incentives plan, as well as integrate with other data sources and systems.


New SIP solution boosted sales performance, efficiency, and trust

  • Improved accuracy and efficiency of commission calculations and statements, reduced errors and delays.
  • Increased visibility and transparency of commissions and performance for the sales team, enhancing their motivation and trust.
  • Reduced manual work and time spent on data entry and validation for the sales operations team, freeing up their capacity for more strategic tasks.
  • Enhanced flexibility and agility of SIP plan design and administration, enabling faster and easier changes and updates.
  • Better alignment and collaboration between the sales team, finance team, and management, facilitating data-driven decision-making.


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