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CAQH is a non-profit alliance of health plans and related associates located in Washington, D.C. Funded by the federal government, CAQH assists healthcare organizations in connecting, exchanging information, and improving operational efficiency through technology to enable industry research. CAQH provides specific operating rules for electronic transactions to ensure all data remains secure during the exchange process, serving over 1,000 healthcare organizations and 2 million individual healthcare providers across the United States.


A Fragmented Data Ecosystem Leads to Inaccuracies in Reporting

CAQH managed a fragmented data ecosystem, and with data spread across the organization, reporting on performance became confusing. Consolidating the data took too much time, reducing CAQH’s bandwidth for the business’s larger priorities and affecting CAQH’s bottom line. CAQH needed to fully rethink its data approach to support enterprise reporting and operational efficiency.


A Modern Data Stack to Deliver Healthcare Success

After an investigation into CAQH’s operations, we recommended a shift to a modern data stack for greater operational efficiency. CAQH leveraged us to design and architect this specific data stack to flow from various sources into a central “one-source-of-truth” platform. We implemented a data ingestion process through Azure Data Factory and MuleSoft, data warehousing through Snowflake, and data engineering from dbt. From there, data fed into CAQH’s existing reporting and visualization functionality, powered by Power BI and MuleSoft API Led Access. With a modern data stack, CAQH gained more accurate and helpful reporting, enhancing its tools to drive positive KPI and ROI outcomes, while housing all data in one location.


Adaptability, Automation, and Stability Become the New Norm

Our implementation of a modern data stack gave CAQH the operational efficiency to reach their KPIs. The stack provided internal and external stakeholders with enhanced data access customized to their specific needs. CAQH also gained the data flexibility and scalability to adapt to growing demands of the business, gaining real-time reporting on all operational functions.

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