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Business Intelligence (BI)

Fuel your company with Business Intelligence (BI)

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The Core of a Data-Driven Business

Mind the Gap — This Isn’t Your Parents’ Business Intelligence

Actionable insights are the premium fuel for your business’ strategical and tactical decisions. Using traditional BI methods, these “actionable insights” can only be gathered through laborious, hands-on, time-consuming effort, which means that the insights on new market trends and ways to profit are already old news by the time they hit decisions makers’ desks.

Modern BI tools have changed the data analytics world at its core. They empower your employees, automate data aggregation, provide a secure environment for the entire organization to work in, and increase competitive advantage.

Leverage Business Intelligence (BI) tools to refine your raw data and gain actionable insights that transform your organization into a truly data-driven business.

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Empower all employees to leverage data for decision-making.

Business users can ask questions and get answers easily, freeing up the data team’s time. This increased data access and empowerment leads to improved employee satisfaction, too.

Increased organizational efficiency puts more focus on high-value insights.

With increased access and empowerment for all, the data team can dedicate time to more advanced analytics, generating more complex high-value insights for the organization.

Provide trusted, well-governed access to the entire organization.

Data is only as good as its quality. Modern BI tools have the power to join data from both internal and external sources so departments company-wide can make data-informed decisions using up-to-date, accurate information any time.

Increased competitive advantage

Knowing the market, the trends that are influencing it, and how competitors are responding is key to advantageous strategic positioning. Modern BI tools allow you to utilize this knowledge in real time, and make decisions that will give you the competitive edge.

VP of Data @ Preply

“Preply is still growing very fast: we have big plans for B2B and expanding operations in our key markets, and we’re becoming a mobile-first company. Looker allows us to measure the impact of our initiatives and maximize business outcome.”

Alessandro Pregnolato | VP of Data @ Preply, Full Success Story

Get a Better View of Your Business with Looker

Data has the power to take your business to the next level — are you using it to your advantage? Layering a Business Intelligence (BI) tool over a modernized cloud stack or your current environment is efficient and economical, providing reliable data, better reporting, and increased value by turning insights into engaging user experiences.

Choose Your BI Journey

Real-time BI & Analytics Using Data-Driven Workflows

Real-time dashboards give you in-depth, consistent analysis along with unified access and uniform workflows, eliminating data lag and silos. You and your teams can use Looker Blocks, engaging embedded visualizations, and much more to customize your experience and drive towards the successful outcomes you need.

Road 1
Choose Your Own Adventure: Integrated Insights Edition

Choose your database, choose your cloud, and choose your workflow — it’s all about what’s best for your business. Looker fits right on top of existing stacks, including BigQuery, Snowflake, 50+ supported SQL dialects, and even in hybrid environments, to enhance existing tools by infusing new, relevant data.

Secure, Governed, and Future-Proof SSOT

This unified and accurate view of your data exists entirely on one platform, which complies with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA, and more. Looker scales with enterprise-grade encryption, administration, user permissions, and content management.


Access, Discovery, Exploration, + Information Sharing

Join the Profitable Cycle of Powerful, Real-time Analytics

The beauty of the Modern Data Stack, of Data Analytics, is the never-ending cycle of rewards. It’s never stagnant, constantly cycling through data access, discovery, exploration, and information sharing.

Legacy data stacks (such as on-prem, non-hybrid environments) leverage “traditional” BI, which is a top-down approach, driven by the IT team, and functions through static reports — a process with more than a few red flags.

The Modern Business Intelligence (BI) empowers users to find the answers to their own questions through accessible, powerful, and real-time visualizations.

Interactive and approachable, modern BI tools allow your people to access data more quickly so they can make better, data-informed decisions on even the most rapid timelines.

Better business decisions lead to improved business outcomes, goal achievement, and happy customers.

Begin Your Modern Data Stack Journey

Our Approach for Fast Results

Our worldwide team tests out and weaves together best-in-cloud technologies to provide superior service to our clients. One of our incredible lineups is Looker, Snowflake, and Fivetran, which help companies take control of their data, develop of single source of real-time truth, and leverage powerful insights.


A tool that automates your data pipeline

Fivetran is a fully managed and scalable extract and load tool transforming the way businesses approach their Extraction-Transform-Load (ETL) process.

It is the fastest way to connect all your information sources to your data warehouse; with more than 170 connectors and its predefined schemas, you can configure your pipeline in a matter of minutes.

The tool provides a maintenance-free solution to reliable, high-volume data integration that scales. It also automatically adjusts to source changes and reliably centralizes data in to the destination of your choice.

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A data warehouse built for the Cloud

Snowflake is a cloud-based elastic warehouse with unique features that makes computations easy and economical, facilitating a major change to the data pipeline. Enjoy this near-zero maintenance platform that handles infrastructure, optimization, data protection and more, in addition to giving you the flexibility to choose between your preferred cloud providers.

With a multi-cluster shared data architecture that allows you to pay only for the resources you use, and its ability to share both structured and semi-structured data instantly and securely, Snowflake provides a solution for modern data warehousing, data engineering and data lake needs.

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A new type of data analytics platform

Looker’s collaborative modeling layer allows for centralized definitions of business logic as well as accelerated model development and deployment. Its direct connection to your database means that your organization can have access to real-time analytics.

Looker’s philosophy is to provide self-service analytics, empowering users to carry out their own analysis and create reports or visualizations independently.

The Looker API also allows you to integrate the tool into your existing workflows and deliver data to where your business users need it most.

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CTO @ Alea Play

“The [Spaulding Ridge] team helped us to build a powerful and automated BI, ready to carry out our day-to-day analytics activities with a professional and transparent service.”

Eduard Fumàs | CTO @ Alea Play, Full Success Story

Your Business Needs Are Our Specialty

The world of analytics is changing. Companies are migrating legacy systems to the Cloud, aiming to become truly insight-driven and empower employees by granting them greater access to information. We specialize in a range of data analytics services offering end-to-end data solutions and everything in between. We can provide a free evaluation trial to create a proof of concept using any of our partner tools, as well as provide a free Demo or Workshop for your team.


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When you choose a partner to plan and execute your modern data stack, you want someone who does more than check boxes and talk — you want people who think on your behalf.

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Get the latest best practices for Centers of Excellence (COE) development and change management strategy to enable digital transformation services.

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Connect your enterprise systems to Best-in-Cloud technologies leveraging both near and offshore development. We support cloud, on-prem, and hybrid environments with expertise in ETL and ELT tools.

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Maximize your digital transformation performance with white-glove architecture services that help you identify and implement the right integration strategies.

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