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Digital Transformation Journey

LinkedIn is a professional networking and employment focused media platform founded in 2002.

With a revenue of over $3 billion, LinkedIn has garnered major traction with many businesses and continues to be a pillar in professional social media.


Need for Agile Sales Performance Management

LinkedIn needed an agile solution that would help break down silos, standardize TQP, and improve their sales performance management.

LinkedIn wanted to increase forecast accuracy as well, and realized they needed an overhaul to save time and improve sales. With offices around the globe, LinkedIn struggled with the different depths of planning from each office.


Spaulding Ridge + Anaplan for Planning and Data Quality Enhancement

Spaulding Ridge focused on a UX implementation to drive adoption and ease of use for future planning processes.

Spaulding Ridge integrated Anaplan to provide access to compensation plans and streamlined user experience. Improving the data quality with faster insights improved data compliance and governance.

On top of everything, Spaulding Ridge improved LinkedIn’s data quality and user experience, on top of breaking down worldwide silos through self-service for sales managers to manage their team with real-time insights.


Streamlined User Experience and Faster Insights

LinkedIn now has a streamlined user experience and improved data quality as the new standard.

Users now have improved data quality and robust validation and governance, enabling faster insights to better leverage sales planning. This set a standard for sales planning and sales managers being able to manage their team and territories with real time insights.


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