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Rockwell Automation is an industrial automation and ‘smart’ manufacturing company.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and with a revenue of over $7 billion, Rockwell Automation is dedicated to a more sustainable manufacturing future.


Lacking a Flexible Sales Compensation Solution

Rockwell needed a flexible solution that would continue to improve their sales performance management processes. Rockwell needed a solution that would manage their many variable pay components.

Rockwell wanted a platform to improve user experience for leaders, employees, and customers by integrating their data into a single source platform with improved data processing capabilities, thus reducing their tech stack, and improving data integrity and accuracy through bringing in different data sources to improve accuracy while minimizing the different technologies used.


Spaulding Ridge’s ACHEVE Framework

Spaulding Ridge focused on four main areas: sales crediting, calculating commissions, plan reporting, and approval, dispute, and issue resolution systems.

Determining which transactions qualified for strategic initiatives (SI) and assigning them to reps eligible for the SI-type streamlined user experience and allowed for a faster credit cycle. Spaulding Ridge also created a system for sales payment with various metric types, allowing for flexible parameters.

Spaulding Ridge linked metadata to plan components and employee pay for future reporting, and created a system with the subsequent ability to accept or reject payments and an added ability to comment and link documentation.


Aggregated Incentive Compensation Management

Rockwell can now credit an entire month in less than 14 hours, with full accuracy and traceability.

The systems now aggregate employee data from multiple sources and create a monthly snapshot of performance-related data. The new system can assign employees to pay plans used for commission calculations.


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