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Shore Capital Partners is leading American microcap investment firm. Shore focuses on specific industry niches in the healthcare, food & beverage, business services, real estate, and industrial sectors and builds companies through a founder-friendly, partnership-based approach.


Need to Streamline Portfolio Analysis

To maximize growth and profitability at each portfolio company, Shore works closely with each investment to apply industry best practices from a business process perspective. Prior to Shore working with Spaulding Ridge, they would have to send manual requests for information from dozens of individual companies, with an Excel spreadsheet that PortCo staff would fill out and send back to Shore. Shore’s team would then manually enter this data into their own financial systems, tweak it, and analyze it. As a result, it took Shore an entire FTE’s time just to wrangle basic information about the financial performance of their PortCos to answer questions during board meetings.



Optimize Performance with Spaulding Ridge’s Snowflake-Powered Data Solution

Spaulding Ridge developed a solution that uses Snowflake to connect directly to each PortCo’s financial systems to pull together data from HR, sales, and finance. Once synced to the data warehouse, it then funnels it into a data visualization tool that both Shore Capital and its PortCos use to view KPIs and compare performance to peer companies. All data transformation is handled in Snowflake, giving Shore an apples-to-apples comparison among company performance within the portfolio.


Data Tool for Strategic Decision-Making and Benchmarking at Shore Capital Partners

Shore Capital Partners uses this data tool to compare PortCos at comparable stages in their evolution, helping them make strategic decisions about how to build their teams and where to invest for maximum return. Shore can also use the tool to compare acquisition targets to peer companies in their portfolio, helping them assess potential, and to share information with investors. PortCos also have access to the tool with a unique set of permissions, allowing them to set strategy with the help of benchmarking data.

Our Solution by the Numbers:

Solution designed and fully implemented in two months

Freed up one FTE of data analysis for higher value activities

Provided > 3x ROI from effort saved alone

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