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We at Spaulding Ridge like to think of ourselves as a band—a group of skilled, creative individuals who all play different parts in service of the same vision. But a band of a dozen people in a small office and a band of almost 600 people on three continents are two very different things.

Over the last six years, Spaulding Ridge has grown from a garage band into something closer to an orchestra, and like an orchestra, leaders have become even more necessary. Orchestras rely on the conductor, on the concertmaster, and on their section leaders to prevent everything from descending into chaos, and Spaulding Ridge is no different. Our multiple teams need effective leaders to make sure that, though we’re all focused on our individual day-to-day goals, we’re also aligned with a strategy to grow the company by helping our clients to succeed.

Spaulding Ridge has ambitious growth plans for 2024, and our leaders will have a lot riding on them. To make sure the whole band has the kind of leadership that will help them succeed, we’re moving several existing leaders into expanded roles and adding some new faces to our leadership team. New and expanded roles include:


John Beringer

Promoted to Chief Strategy Officer

It would be faster to list the areas of Spaulding Ridge John hasn’t had some sort of oversight of. One of Spaulding Ridge’s earliest hires, John most recently led our CRO delivery practice and previously played leadership roles in other areas of the business, including Salesforce, DocuSign, and Anaplan. This broad perspective will be invaluable in his new role.

A Chief Strategy Officer’s job is to focus on a business’s most important needs, providing a cross-functional perspective to remove obstacles and accelerate growth. In the case of Spaulding Ridge, that means John will lead our effort to develop, communicate, and execute our commercial market and industry focuses, while building and operationalizing our direct-to-market plan. Through communicating our industry point of view and our expertise to the market, we’ll be in a strong position to deliver more value to more clients.



Kyle Boston

Promoted to Senior Managing Partner

Kyle has been key to the success of Spaulding Ridge’s Salesforce business since joining in 2018, working with clients and scaling our Salesforce partner marketing strategy to drive growth. His more than 15 years leading go-to-market teams and driving revenue, combined with his experience on the Salesforce Partner Advisory Board, makes him central to our next chapter.

In his elevated role as Senior Managing Partner, Kyle will focus on driving revenue growth within the CRO practice. With his leadership, our Salesforce practice is poised to broaden its reach, particularly in the private equity and healthcare sectors, ensuring a robust expansion in 2024 and beyond. Another key objective will be to enhance our client offerings by integrating Data Solutions, further solidifying our market position. This appointment underscores our commitment to growth and our confidence in Kyle’s ability to lead these vital initiatives.


Mick Ramczyk Head Shot

Mick Ramczyk

Promoted to Managing Partner

Since taking over Spaulding Ridge’s Data Solutions practice in January of 2022, Mick has driven over 80 percent year-over-year growth—the fastest-growing practice in the company. His work has centered on Snowflake and business analytics, solving critical data challenges for Spaulding Ridge clients across numerous industries.

Everything Spaulding Ridge does for clients relies on data in one way or another. Our clients need better insights on everything from sales performance to expenses to employee retention, and for that, they need a data stack that works. As Managing Partner, Mick will lead the talented and growing team addressing that need. He will scale our global data delivery team while strengthening Spaulding Ridge’s data alliance partnerships.


Irfan Ozaltin

New Hire, Partner

Irfan is a new face at Spaulding Ridge, but a trusted leader in the industry. He joins our New York office with 15 years of experience in consulting, primarily focused on strategic finance transformation programs and initiatives. Irfan has significant expertise delivering large-scale planning, budgeting, and forecasting projects for the office of the CFO, as well as extensive expertise serving the insurance, banking, and related financial services sectors—expertise that will serve Spaulding Ridge clients well.
The financial services industry understands the value of financial data—and Spaulding Ridge has much to offer companies looking for a competitive edge. Irfan will focus his work here, delivering finance-centric expertise to help us serve more clients and deliver more value in this industry.


Matt Jolliffe

Promoted to Partner

With ten years of experience in the consulting industry, Matt Jolliffe is stepping into an expanded leadership role as Partner at Spaulding Ridge. He joined in 2019 and has been instrumental in our growth, deepening our ability to deliver projects in financial planning & analysis, sales performance management, and more. His mentoring and management of talent at Spaulding Ridge started in our Toronto team, and now he is expanding his talent development responsibilities to Europe.

In 2024, Matt will take on additional responsibilities for growth and client success in Spaulding Ridge’s Finance and Operations practice in Europe. He will lead the effort to develop the team’s capabilities and efficiency while serving as an executive sponsor to client projects under his management.

These leaders are prominent examples of members of the Spaulding Ridge band who will be stepping up in 2024, but they’re far from the only ones. In every office, on every team, we continue to ask ourselves how we can show up for our bandmates and for our clients. It’s an exciting time for Spaulding Ridge, and we look forward to seeing the impact we can make this year!