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A recent IDC survey found that only 12% of organizations connect customer data across multiple departments within their business, and more than 60% of them rely on the static data of spreadsheets for their business processes. As a CRO, are you making decisions without the right information about your prospects and more importantly, your existing customers?

Data from your sales systems doesn’t give you the total picture, and jamming stale data from your other front office teams into a monster spreadsheet still isn’t enough. Join this session to learn how maintaining a single customer record across both your front and back office enables better decision making and leads to happier and more profitable customers, without increasing your operational headcount.

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Joe Thomas

Global Analytics Evangelist


Optimizing Performance in Times of Uncertainty

Spaulding Ridge 2023 CRO Survey

Unlock insights on how your peers are navigating challenges from overly long sales cycles to cautious customers—and what they’re doing about it.

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