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Narrow margins, increased revenue targets and limited sales team bandwidth mean no company can afford to waste any time or advantage in their revenue practice. Speaker Bryan Stevens of Schneider Electric outlines why revenue cannot rely on manual or legacy systems and how streamlining and accelerating the sales process can be achieved through connecting backend processes of different business units in a unified sales platform.

  • Learn how to leverage an SSOT or unified data and sales platform to improve collaboration and transparency between business units.
  • Discover how to empower your sales leaders to easily pivot by providing early warning of potentially missed financial targets.
  • Identify ways to save your sales team time and to reallocate efforts where they are needed.
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Bryan Stevens

US Sales Operations and Planning

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Sarah Katz


Optimizing Performance in Times of Uncertainty

Spaulding Ridge 2023 CRO Survey

Unlock insights on how your peers are navigating challenges from overly long sales cycles to cautious customers—and what they’re doing about it.

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