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Join Spaulding Ridge CEO, Jay Laabs, as he opens Revenue Elevate23. He will be giving insights on the current market and the impact Revenue Elevate23 can make on your business prior to handing it off to Sarah Katz and the opening keynote.

AI is no longer a futuristic invention of a Sci-Fi movie—it’s present in business processes today and its capabilities are only growing, even if it isn’t as flashy as we imagined. In order to harness the true potential of AI, ask yourself: What do I need from my current systems? If my enterprise system could answer me like ChatGPT, what would I ask?

Mike M
Mike Mothersbaugh

VP, North America Enterprise Sales

Dana Therrien

Dana Therrien

VP of SPM and Revenue Operations Advisory

Jay Laabs


Sarah Katz Headshot
Sarah Katz


Optimizing Performance in Times of Uncertainty

Spaulding Ridge 2023 CRO Survey

Unlock insights on how your peers are navigating challenges from overly long sales cycles to cautious customers—and what they’re doing about it.

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