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Data Warehousing

It matters where you house your data to enhance business data analytics.

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The Core of a Data-Driven Business

The Central Nervous System of Your Modern Data Stack is the Data Warehouse

This part of your Modern Data Stack is critical when it comes to analyzing data, making better predictions, and reaping the most from your Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

A data warehouse is a system that aggregates data from multiple sources and stores it together so that large swathes of both current and historical information can be cleaned and prepped for queries and analysis.

Data warehouses have numerous benefits, functioning as a Single Source of Truth, as the fuel for BI platforms, and as eight lane highways for querying data quickly. One of the most valuable attributes of these warehouses is the cleaning and prepping of data for consumption.

A well-maintained, high-quality data repository means your data-driven decisions will be informed, accurate, and competitive in the market.

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Data Manager @ Paack

“The [Spaulding Ridge] Team not only helped us revamp the business data analytics platform, but ensured the transfer of knowledge that empowers users to be self-sufficient in the long run.”

Pedro Puerta Ballesteros | Data Manager @ Paack, Full Success Story

Spoiler Alert: The Answer is Most Likely Yes

Would it Benefit Your Business to Switch to a Cloud-based Data Warehouse?

If scaling your company, expanding your offerings, and remaining competitive are on your to-do list for desired business outcomes, the answer is definitely yes. On top of the benefits that come strictly from implementing a data warehouse on its own, it also plays a significant role as part of a Modern Data Stack that can provide your with crucial Business Intelligence.

The Modern Data Stack // Data Analytics

Multiple Types + Sources of Data

Manually crawling even three systems and analyzing relevant data takes time, after which the crucial moment may have passed. Data warehouses provide a direct line into all of your platforms and systems collectively, meaning that the only thing holding you back is how quickly your query can be processed.

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Data Storage Flexibility

Cloud-based data warehouses have a  significant advantage over on-prem versions: flexible storage. Without machinery to buy and configure, you can scale on-demand. Snowflake automatically scales to keep your queries fast, and, similarly, Google BigQuery automatically resizes your warehouse without storage limits.

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Query Runtime Performance & BI

When running queries, the faster the better. Snowflake automatically adds and removes nodes for fast queries, while BigQuery uses available resources as need with no configs necessary to improve speed — even with petabytes of data to comb through. The ultimate use of your data warehouse is leveraging this SSOT for critical business intelligence (BI).

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Less Maintenance, More Control

Where do you want your engineers time? Our best-in-cloud data warehouses are fully managed and self-optimizing, making them ideal for efficiency. Both Snowflake and BigQuery take on the lionshare of managing ELT/ETL pipelines and the day-to-day duties so you can focus your efforts on what’s important to the business.

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Your Business Needs Are Our Specialty

The world of data warehousing and data analytics is changing. Companies are migrating legacy systems to the Cloud, aiming to become truly insight-driven and empower employees by granting them greater access to information. We specialize in a range of data warehousing and analytics services, offering end-to-end data solutions and everything in between.


Data Strategy

Business needs
Tool comparison
Architecture definition
Project planning

Data Engineering

Data Integration/ELT
Data warehousing
Data modeling
Migration to Cloud

Business Intelligence

Metrics definition
Ad hoc analysis

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics

Data Products

Embedded analytics
Web development
UX/UI Design


Rollout planning
Training & workshops

Our Data Warehouse & Analytics Solution

Our worldwide team tests out and weaves together best-in-cloud technologies to provide superior service to our clients. One of our incredible lineups is Fivetran, Google BigQuery, and Looker, which help companies take control of their data, develop a single source of real-time truth, and leverage the best insights.


A tool that automates your data pipeline

Fivetran is a fully managed and scalable extract and load tool transforming the way businesses approach their Extraction-Load-Transform (ELT) process.

It is the fastest way to connect all your information sources to your data warehouse; with more than 170 connectors and its predefined schemas, you can configure your pipeline in a matter of minutes.

The tool provides a maintenance-free solution to reliable, high-volume data integration that scales. It also automatically adjusts to source changes and reliably centralizes data in to the destination of your choice.

Learn More About Fivetran


A data warehouse built for the Cloud

Google BigQuery is a multi-cloud data warehouse that’s designed for scalability and agility. Democratizing data from across your entire company — versus keeping it in silos scattered among various departments — can increase the pace of innovation.

Fully managed and serverless, Google BigQuery can handle petabytes of data in minutes, enabling your teams to analyze larger and more complex data sets in mere minutes.

Learn More About BigQuery


A new type of data analytics platform

Looker’s collaborative modeling layer allows for centralized definitions of business logic as well as accelerated model development and deployment. Its direct connection to your database means that your organization can have access to real-time business data analytics.

Looker’s philosophy is to provide self-service analytics, empowering users to carry out their own business data analytics and create reports or visualizations independently.

The Looker API also allows you to integrate the tool into your existing workflows and deliver data to where your business users need it most.

Learn More About Looker

Data in dozens of places? No problem.

Sources → ELT → Your Data Warehouse

Every company has data scattered about. It’s on your website, CRM, financial system… and that’s okay! We’re a multi-cloud company, too, because we use the best cloud applications for each function.

Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) tools have transformed the way we bridge the gap between sources and data warehouses — for good reason. ELTs are efficient, cost effective, and, most importantly, reliable.

ELTs like Fivetran function like an eight lane highway, speeding data from multiple sources to your data warehouse, continuously synchronizing, and providing the freshest available business data analytics.

Leveraging an ELT increases the accuracy of your data, can accelerate business data analytics, and even programmatically manages ready-to-query schemas, so moving to a cloud-based data warehouse is easier than ever.

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BABI Lead @ Be A Bear

“Be A Bear is founded on the principle ‘if you’re going to Be A Bear, be a grizzly’ – meaning that we wanted to build our BABI data stack with best practice from the start. [Spaulding Ridge] came in with a lot of experience and could see the value in what we were building from day one, making everything much more effective and enjoyable. It felt less like working with a consultancy and more like a partnership.”

Dan Cooke | BABI Lead @ Be A Bear, Full Success Story

Unsure Where to Start? We Can Help.

Data Modernization, Defined

Transforming the way you and your company view and use data can be the revolutionary step that takes your organization to the next level. Whether the goal is to find homeostasis through a hybrid cloud setup that leverages any combination of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise or you’re looking to make a complete shift to a scalable modern platform, we can meet you where you’re at. We’ll consider your long-term goals and recommend the best roadmap to success.

Map Out Your Data Modernization Today.

Data Strategy & Discovery

Gather business users requirements, list all data sources, compare data tools, and design a data stack architecture to meet your data modernization goals.

Implement the Infastructure

This is where we’ll take our roadmap and implement the structure necessary to get the data from where it is versus where it needs to end up.

Business Logic Creation

From raw data to actionable KPIs, merge and model your data sources in a centralized repository to get reliable metrics that support the specificities of your business.

Data Review, Training, & Adoption

Collaborating with your end-users, we’ll run tests to ensure that your data is ready to better support your business and empower employees to leverage their new technology.

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When you choose a partner for data transformation and AI you want someone who does more than check boxes and talk — you want people who think on your behalf.

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Advisory, Governance + Enablement

Get the latest best practices for Centers of Excellence (COE) development and change management strategy to enable digital transformation services.

End-to-End Integration Services

Connect your enterprise systems to Best-in-Cloud technologies, utilize both near and offshore development, and use multiple ETL tools.

Enterprise Integration + Strategy

Maximize your digital transformation performance with white-glove architecture services that help you identify and implement the right integration strategies.

Ideas to Launch Your Transformation

Explore articles, resources, and guides designed to help business leaders make more informed, more strategic decisions.


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Leverage your company’s most valuable asset: data.

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