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Data Transformation and AI

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Clean, trusted data is an underrated tool in business. Usable, accessible, and secure data that’s been properly combed through to convert data types and remove duplicates can be enriched and combined with other crucial data like external industry factors and predictions with prospective client information to create ideal client profiles or determine vendor spend.

This real-time, accessible data is the key to making better, more advantageous decisions for your business, and it often starts with utilizing a data bridge, like MuleSoft, or a Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) like Snowflake, to integrate and aggregate all of your data.

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AI Increases Efficiency + Productivity

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Integrative data transformation utilizing Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services are your path to the peak. Companies get better returns, elevating outcomes, when data integrates effectively.

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Break Away From Tedious Data Preparation

Validating and preparing data to actually use dominates data professionals’ time, leaving fewer hours to actually analyze and derive value from it. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have the ability to extract raw data from multiple resources and formats, standardize it, and even add business logic and metrics.

With stagnant, siloed information, business stalls. You simply can’t adapt and make agile decisions when your information is hidden.

Connect your people to the right data with integrated digital transformation services.



“It’s challenging to build up a core group of people that have the experience and commitment that Spaulding Ridge has, but that is what makes Spaulding Ridge such a trusted partner.”

Pieter Lesterhuis | CFO, Kruger Family Industries

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Data transformation and AI helps you use complex equations and algorithms that require machine learning and AI-driven reactions to achieve new growth, data testing, and scalable operations.

Elevate with Data Transformation and AI.

Data Integration is the #1 Reason Digital Initiatives Fail

It’s foolhardy to expect to transform your operations when data, people, and processes are siloed.

You need to create an integrated environment, connect data to people, in real time to create change.

CDW Saves Hours and Mitigates Risk with Automation
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Data Transformation, Defined

Data transformation can run the gamut of complexity, from simple to extremely elaborate depending on the source and target data, as well as the structure and volume. Regardless of the intensity, though, Data Transformation follows four stages.

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Data Discovery

Profile the data to better understand the structure and characteristics. This is done using profile tools and, when necessary, manually written scripts.

Data Mapping

This is where we’ll define where the data is versus where it needs to end up. We’ll make a thorough map of everything your data touches and everywhere it populates for every reason imaginable.

Code Generation + Execution

Code will be generated based on definitions and metadata, which will then be applied against your data to reach the end goal clean and trustable data.

Data Review

The final step is to make sure there are no anomalies. Collaborating with your end-users, we’ll run tests, check the data from numerous angles, and ensure that your data is ready to better support your business.

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Get the best of both by working with a team of experienced digital transformation service providers, skilled with both technical execution and creative problem-solving.

When you choose a partner for data transformation and AI you want someone who does more than check boxes and talk — you want people who think on your behalf.

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Advisory, Governance + Enablement

Get the latest best practices for Centers of Excellence (COE) development and change management strategy to enable digital transformation services.

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Connect your enterprise systems to Best-in-Cloud technologies, utilize both near and offshore development, and use multiple ETL tools.

Enterprise Integration + Strategy

Maximize your digital transformation performance with white-glove architecture services that help you identify and implement the right integration strategies.

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